Prathamesh Palve: Managing Customers the Right Way

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February 8, 2018

About the Session:

Following points will be covered in the session-
2. NEVER send template replies to a customer (Every Customer deserves personal attention)
3. Understand Customer queries properly.
4. Take time to replicate issues at your end.
5. Take responsibility ( Accept Mistakes, Be Polite, Request time to Fix)
6. “Converse” with your customers Because Communications is the only key to successful customer support.
7.It is more than okay to request a customer to explain issue in more detail.
8. If a ticket is in a different language than your official language, Kindly try to translate the ticket and try to understand what the customer has to say.
9. Take note of bug customer reports by making a small excel sheet and revert to them when that particular issue has been resolved.
10. If a customer asks about something which is not currently available with your product, return in a very polite way & make him feel he is heard & let him know you would surely think of it. It will surely make his day.

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