Phylecia Jones: How WordPress Freelancers Can Stop Sucking at Budgeting

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February 20, 2018

“Slowly going into debt? Not taking a salary? Managing that thin line of business and personal finances is a very big elephant in the room for many entrepreneurs. Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones draws from her own journey of managing money, and from the many obstacles she has witnessed with business owners, to address the 7 core principles it takes to stop sucking at budgeting! Phylecia breakdowns the phases it takes to have a big wake up call with money management and delivers a powerful, but simple, immediate action plan to get you started with budgeting and becoming the CFO your business needs right now!

This workshop is based on training Phylecia does for a program called Budget School ( The 7 core principles covered are:

1. Understanding your purpose
2. Giving yourself a salary
3. Charging enough
4. Evaluating business expenses
5. Knowing your TRUE breakeven number
6. Creating a system to manage your money
7. Jumpstarting a budget!

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