Sakin Shrestha: Building a Theme Business: My Story

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February 20, 2018

“I will be sharing my experiences in the theme business sector and the ways to succeed on it during my speech. I will be presenting many ideas, views, concepts, and strategies to elongate one’s Theme Business by emphasizing my own personal story. I, like any other person, have had many ups and downs in my professional life and I have had to make many changes within myself to be where I am today. So, I will be sharing all my life’s work amongst all my colleagues in the crowd.

I will not be just talking about myself though. I will also be enthusiastically introducing the businesses that I currently am involved in, using WordPress, like DevotePress, NepalBuzz, ThemePalace,, etc., along with my theme site – Catch Themes. Most importantly, I will be telling people that theme business is a fun and innovative business to be in. With just a little bit of perseverance and dedication, one can have a fun and financially sound life ahead of them.”

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