Ellen Goodwin: How to be The Action Hero of Your Own Life

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April 27, 2018

Action Heroes are known for their ability to size up a situation and do whatever it takes to overcome their obstacles and be successful. As designers, bloggers and consultants there is a constant need for dedicated action, yet distractions, lack of focus and just plain daily craziness stop the needed forward momentum.

In this fun, fast moving presentation we look at how to become the Action Hero of Your Own Life by overcoming those distractions, building stronger habits, developing ironclad self-control, and employing laser focus. All of which enable you to overcome your obstacles and master your day.

By the time you leave this presentation you’ll know:
The importance and power of being in action and why it’s easier than you think
How habits are your secret weapon when it comes to having stronger will power and self-control
The four types of procrastination and how to consistently conquer them
Easy ways to leverage dedicated focus to do more with less time

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