Paul Thompson: Use your own data to take your WordPress website to the next level

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June 4, 2018

We all want to improve our websites, but “best practice” guesses aren’t enough – we want real data to help us understand where to focus our limited time and resources. But so often, the data and stats are intimidating – and the complexity of tools like Analytics can reinforce that. In this presentation, we’ll discover seven specific ways our own data can narrow down for us where to optimise for the most impact. We’ll learn specific ways to tweak our analytics to collect more critical decision-making information and how to use that data to make SEO, conversion optimisation, page speed, and usability improvements for a more powerful, successful website.

discover what content our own visitors are begging us to write.
learn how fast our website pages really are for our actual users and which need improvement. Bonus: What if our site could notify us when important pages got slower?!
understand what parts of the site’s navigation/calls to action our visitors find helpful and which ones they ignore.
key in on the pages that would provide the greatest benefit if we worked to improve them. (And what is bounce rate really?)
and more, including teaching Analytics how to show you the important data you care about, instead of having to dig it out every time you want to check it.

Don’t miss this chance to get a better handle on how we can our own data to improve our websites!

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