Peter La Fond: How a Solid Backup Strategy Can Save Your Livelihood and Sanity

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June 5, 2018

Website owners dedicate a lot of resources and time for even the most basic of websites. Unfortunately… Servers do fail. Websites get hacked. And crucial website files can accidentally be deleted. Are you and your team prepared for the worst?

Most website owners have a false sense of security in regards to how they’ll recover from a website disaster. Backups are your last line of defense when things go terribly wrong. And, a reliable backup system can be the difference between a care-free day at the park with your family and a mental breakdown.

This talk will approach the idea of ‘Backing Up’ as a strategic disaster recovery system as opposed to a mere copy of website files. We’ll cover concepts like ‘Redundancy’, ‘Single Point of Failure’ and ‘Cold Storage’. If you’re a small business owner or website administrator, then this talk is for you.

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