Tylor Hermanson: A Non-SEO’s Guide to the Power of Search Behavior

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June 11, 2018

There’s what we tell the world, what we tell our friends and what we tell Google. But only one of these gets the truth. Our search behavior delivers an aggregated, anonymized and unadulterated view of what we really care about. For marketers who are clawing for reliable and insightful user insights, you can’t afford to overlook keyword research. So why do we use search behavior only to enhance our SEO and PPC? What if it could inform your email marketing, call centers, in-store displays, social media and every other touchpoint? It can and it should. In this talk, you’ll learn the following: -why reserving search data for SEM alone is a giant missed opportunity -how basic keyword research can be executed by any marketer -where search behavior should be leveraged to enhance other disciplines.

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