Felix Arntz: How To Sustain Long-Term Contributions to WordPress Core

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July 20, 2018

While a contributor day in the core team gets you familiar with the technical parts of contributing to WordPress core, it usually does not provide further guidance for those who are interested in following up and contributing more than the first taster. Finding your spot among the core contributors and spending your contributing time efficiently can be a tough and tedious challenge. Furthermore, you may run into roadblocks or get frustrated quickly.

If you are interested in becoming a long-term contributor and influencing WordPress core sustainably, this talk is for you – even if you haven’t attended a contributor day before. The session will be a personal story that highlights benefits of contributing, provides recommendations on how to find your spot and build trust, and gives insights on which traits are particularly valuable to have or pick up. You will furthermore learn how contributing to core is by far not only about writing code. The goal of this session is to prepare you for a beneficial long-term relationship as a core contributor so that you can make a significant impact over time.

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