Stephanie Campanella: Hire Before you Drown

2 responses on “Stephanie Campanella: Hire Before you Drown

  1. Didgeroo London

    Excellent presentation Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your story and advice.


  2. Mindblowncity

    You truly hit home with this video.
    Thank You Stephanie


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September 2, 2018

I am an absolute ace at hiring overseas staff.

I know the pitfalls of a WordPresser and how they can overcome it.

I have built a successful WordPress agency even though I have no idea how to unpack a WordPress site. 🙂

I’m well known in the WPElevation crew.

I want to empower freelancers to grow their business by at least 1 person so they can go out and get more work – and grow their business.

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