Michael Viller: 10 Mistakes beginners make when setting up their websites

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December 1, 2018

Michael, who until a few years ago was a decade-long Joomla user, is joining us to talk about the 10 things beginners forget when setting up their WordPress website. He’ll be covering common questions such as How do I speed up my website?, My images are slowing down my website, how do i fix that?, How do I SEO?, How do I get google to visit my website? and many many more.

But are these really questions that should be asked afterwards? Not having these things done at the time of creating your website can make it harder and more costly to do later on.

This talk will lightly cover the above topics, and focus on the questions that can be asked ahead of time to reduce the pain later on, such as how to choose quality hosting, themes and page builders, WordPress settings and image compression plugins, and implementing SEO the right way from the start.

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