Sallie Goetsch: Building A Journalist-Friendly Online Pressroom With WordPress

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  1. Norbert Zillatron

    Are the slides of the presentation available somewhere?


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December 22, 2018

What do speakers, authors, non-profits, and startups have in common? When you’re on a mission to change the world, you need media coverage. And whether you’re looking to appeal to YouTube stars or the New York Times, your website needs a pressroom.

The amazing thing about many online pressrooms is that they are so bad. Despite readily available information about the key ingredients journalists are looking for, many organizations bury their press contacts, don’t make logos and photos available, and make it hard to find existing coverage and press releases.

There are services that combine building and hosting an online pressroom with media monitoring, contact lists, and press release distribution, but most of them are aimed at large, successful businesses that can afford to pay thousands of dollars a month.

Not in the Fortune 500? Don’t worry, you can still have a stellar pressroom, and WordPress is a great tool to build it with. Join WP Fangirl Sallie Goetsch as she walks you through

What journalists want to see in an online pressroom
Examples of online pressrooms built with WordPress
Displaying news about your company
Setting up a press release options page
Adding logo, photo and video galleries to your pressroom
Including printable press kits in your WordPress pressroom

If you’re a developer, you’ll learn about a great add-on service for your customers. If you’re a nonprofit organization or business owner, you’ll learn how your website can have media appeal no matter what your budget.

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