Joanna Barsh: Centered Leadership – Being at Your Best – More of the Time

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December 29, 2018

In 2008, Joanna led colleagues at McKinsey & Company to develop and teach a new form of leadership that enables everyone, not just leaders, to be at their best more of the time. Today, the program is based on 400+ interviews with remarkable women and men leaders around the world – along with quantitative research, academic learning from a range of related fields, and a decade of field-testing.

Called Centered Leadership, this approach helps you build personal mastery of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions to inspire and unleash positive change. And it starts with self, becoming the change you most want to see. Imagine building on strengths, pausing in the midst of upset, forming trust-based relationships, engaging hope and fear to act boldly, and practicing recovery consciously to sustain your energy. Imagine finding your center when you need it most to improve your experience at work and in life. In her interactive session, Joanna will guide you through tools and practices with an invitation to (re)discover one insight about yourself at work or in life that sparks curiosity to explore more.

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