Alexis Lloyd: The evolution and future of publishing

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January 1, 2019

The experience of creating and sharing information has changed dramatically over the last decade and will only continue to evolve. How do we understand the present moment and anticipate the future of publishing in order to keep pace with both user needs and emerging technologies?

This talk will provide a structured framework to help us understand how publishing has evolved (how we got to now) and what it might become in the near future. I will examine how the act of authoring has become more expansive, encompassing new kinds of users and different contexts for publishing, as well as how user expectations around content creation have changed. Which trends should we expect to see continue and where might we see radical changes in the publishing landscape? How might growing concerns around privacy affect how we create and publish online? In addition, we will explore emerging technologies like voice interfaces and machine learning, and examine what impact they might have on the future of publishing. Finally, we will look at the ways in which WordPress is uniquely suited to take advantage of the current moment, and what new opportunities could be in store for the future.

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