Brian Richards: How I created WPBingo using Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, and the WP REST API

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January 23, 2019

Just prior to WordCamp US 2017 I had the fun idea of creating an interactive bingo board for all of the fun and unique things that we regularly observe within our community. I was able to knock together the original concept after just a couple of hours thanks to utility provided by View and tailwind. Later I connected it to WordPress via the rest API so that I could more easily manage each of the squares available in the data set.

In this presentation I walk you through how I went from idea to prototype to fully functional web app. We’ll cover the purpose served by my chosen frameworks and why I picked those instead of writing plain, vanilla JavaScript and CSS (or competing frameworks, for that matter). While this will not be a deep dive into code, we will review specific code samples and you should get enough detail to build this – or something like it –yourself by the time the session has ended.

Here’s the specific list of the things you can expect to learn during this presentation:

* Why I chose Vue instead of React for this particular project
* Some of the neat things that Vue provides to us as developers (Vue.js 101)
* How to utilize local storage for resilience against connectivity issues and unintended browser refreshes
* The benefits of utility-based CSS classes
* How to register custom rest API endpoints
* Handling API authentication without regular users
* How you too can totally disrupt the State of the Word address

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