‘WP REST API’ Videos

  • Dennis Ploetner: WordPress REST API: ne riparliamo?

    WordPress Meetup Milan (Milano) 2021Speaker: Dennis Ploetner

    July 7, 2021 — La WordPress REST API è un’interfaccia che consente alle applicazioni di interagire con il tuo sito WordPress. Invia e riceve dati in JSON ed è anche la base per il WordPress Block Editor. Permette inoltre al tuo theme, ai tuoi plugin o alla tua applicazione custom di usare nuove interfacce per amministrare il sito e usare il tuo content. Scopriamone insieme l’importanza per gli sviluppatori ma anche per utenti a digiuno di codice.

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  • Craig West: WordPress REST API With AJAX Forms and Pages

    WordCamp Kent 2020Speaker: Craig West

    June 26, 2020 — Learn about the WordPress REST API, and how to use it to make forms and pages that don’t need to reload. This talk includes stepping through the build of a small WordPress REST API site.

  • Станимир Стоянов: Как да си направим разширение с Реакт и WP REST API

    Wordcamp Plovdiv 2019Speaker: Станимир Стоянов

    June 13, 2019 — Rеаct неслучайно е една от най-популярните javascript библиотеки в момента, с която много лесно се създават красиви и функционални интерфейси. С тази лекция се надявам да мотивирам повече хора, които създават собствени WordPress плъгини, да пробват React. Ще използвам примери от моя личен опит с тази технология и ще споделя какви проблеми съм срещнал. Лекцията е насочена към хора, които не са използвали React преди и ще даде практически съвети от къде да започнем, как да свържем React апликацията с WordPress интерфейса.

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  • Brian Richards: How I created WPBingo using Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, and the WP REST API

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Brian Richards

    January 23, 2019 — Just prior to WordCamp US 2017 I had the fun idea of creating an interactive bingo board for all of the fun and unique things that we regularly observe within our community. I was able to knock together the original concept after just a couple of hours thanks to utility provided by View and tailwind. Later I connected it to WordPress via the rest API so that I could more easily manage each of the squares available in the data set.

    In this presentation I walk you through how I went from idea to prototype to fully functional web app. We’ll cover the purpose served by my chosen frameworks and why I picked those instead of writing plain, vanilla JavaScript and CSS (or competing frameworks, for that matter). While this will not be a deep dive into code, we will review specific code samples and you should get enough detail to build this – or something like it –yourself by the time the session has ended.

    Here’s the specific list of the things you can expect to learn during this presentation:

    * Why I chose Vue instead of React for this particular project
    * Some of the neat things that Vue provides to us as developers (Vue.js 101)
    * How to utilize local storage for resilience against connectivity issues and unintended browser refreshes
    * The benefits of utility-based CSS classes
    * How to register custom rest API endpoints
    * Handling API authentication without regular users
    * How you too can totally disrupt the State of the Word address

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  • Shunsuke Shimada: WP REST API と React で始めるリモートワークでの有料 Web メディア開発

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Shunsuke Shimada

    October 22, 2018 — Web media paysite development with WP REST API and React

    WordPress で運用されているとある大手出版社の有料 Web メディアに副業エンジニアとして参画し、リモートで開発を続ける様子を、WP REST API + React の事例を含め、リモート開発に使用しているツールや運用改善などをご紹介しようと思います。

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  • Tomislav Leljak: Using WordPress REST API

    WordCamp Split 2016Speaker: Tomislav Leljak

    November 11, 2017 — In his talk about WordPress REST API, Tomislav will give us some real life examples on how to connect mobile applications to WordPress to get the best of both worlds. With WP REST API WordPress became fully-featured application platform and it opened itself up to every other application and development environment on Earth.

  • Timothy Jacobs – Extending and Building Upon the WordPress REST API

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2017Speaker: Timothy Jacobs

    October 11, 2017 — WordPress 4.7 introduced the content endpoints for the REST API. This grants access to built in content like posts, pages and categories. However, the power in WordPress often lies in plugins and custom content.

    In this talk Timothy Jacobs will explore how you can extend the WordPress REST API to access custom post types, custom taxonomies, metadata and custom fields. He’ll also touch on building completely custom endpoints using the built-in framework introduced in WordPress 4.7.

    Intended Audience Type: Developer
    Intended Audience Experience: Beginner developer with some experience with CPTs (custom post types) and meta boxes

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  • Eric Zeidan: Endpoints seguros en nuestra WP-REST-API

    WordCamp Madrid 2017Speaker: Eric Zeidan

    May 16, 2017 — Cómo programar Endpoints seguros, mejorar la seguridad de nuestra red al crear nuestra propia REST API. Usar la seguridad ya establecida de la WP-REST-API, Oauth1, Oauth2 o a través de las cabeceras.

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  • Silvan Hagen: The WP REST API Is a Game Changer

    WordCamp Geneva 2016Speaker: Silvan Hagen

    December 2, 2016 — The talk will be for beginner to novice programmers and front-end people I’d say. The following topics will be covered:

    – What is the WP REST API?
    – Examples of the WP REST API in the wild
    – Using the REST API in a WordPress front-end
    – Using the REST API in the WordPress backend
    – A decoupled App built with the REST API
    – Extending the REST API
    – Thoughts on the future of WordPress with the REST API
    – Questions/Discussion

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