Maxwell Ivey: Just Press Send, Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Dreams Pt-2

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January 27, 2019

(Hiss in Audio)

Part 2

My goal is to free the audience from their fear of failure so they can either start posting content or so they can increase the amount and quality of content they are posting. I will do this by sharing past experiences that outline the value of taking the risk, facing your fears, and putting yourself out in the world. I will teach them to focus on what they can change and ignore the things they can’t change or that they can’t change right now. I will use the example of my first website at the midway marketplace, my first post as the blind blogger, and my successful Amtrak Writers In Residence Application. In the end I wil challenge them and remind them that if a guy like me can do it with all he has going against him, then what is their excuse.

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