Shane Purnell: How to Make People Fall In Love With Your Screencasts and Explainer Videos

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January 27, 2019

If you’ve ever watched a software tutorial on YouTube or a video explaining a company’s product or service, then you’re already familiar with screencasts and explainer videos. While they’re intended to promote a business, product or service by explaining what it is, how it works and how to use it, there’s a huge difference between the videos people love and the ones they turn off after 15 seconds. This session takes you into the world of creating screencasts and explainer videos. We’ll show you why the good ones are good and the bad ones are cringeworthy. We’ll cover topics like storyboarding, script formulas, animation software and sound tracks. When we’re done, you’ll know your options for creating your own screencasts and explainer videos and what to look for if you want to hire someone else to do it.

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