Navigation Menu Block Proposal Accessibility Walkthrough

One response on “Navigation Menu Block Proposal Accessibility Walkthrough

  1. tapps

    I have to watch this in full later when I get to my computer. I just want to say my initial skimming of the video I’m happy with what I see. I was going to suggest that there be a “create this new page” action somewhere, and I see you’ve already considered and included that. I also can’t say enough about all the amazing people that are really truly thinking through accessibility early and often… as it should be!!

    and a sidenote completely not related to this video… is a *terrible* UX on a smartphone. maybe after we get Gutenberg fixed up a11y-wise, someone can tackle this site? (heck.. if someone wants to fund me I could even work on it. 😁)


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March 23, 2019

A walkthrough of the proposed direction for the navigation menu blocks, looking for areas of concern and improvement in terms of accessibility.

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