Kathir Sid Vel: Supercharging your WordPress site’s speed

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April 7, 2019

My talk / presentation will be a exploratory walkthrough of setting up a demo WordPress site and optimising the website’s speed.

Various optimisation techniques will be covered in the talk:
1) Image optimisation
2) Plugin(s) and code performance
3) Minification and combining scripts and styles
4) Caching – database and pages
5) Content Delivery Networks
6) CloudFlare – Minification, Polish, Mirage and Railgun
7) Google PageSpeed module for Apache

I will have set up a few different versions of the test website on a series of subdomains. Each version will contain the optimisations that I experiment. Each subdomain will be tested using Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix. Screen shots will be shown through slides. Test result links will be added to the slides.

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