Corey Maass: Build a Web App MVP with Little or No Code

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April 23, 2019

WordPress is known to be a powerful and versatile tool for rapid proof-of-concept web app development.

During this WordCamp presentation, we will investigate why WordPress may be the best tool to help create your next web app. We will look at different examples of business cases where WordPress is the best option, and also where it falls short. I will illustrate how I have solved the most common UI patterns required by web apps using plugins, web resources and occasionally code.

We will walk through one of the apps I’ve built from idea to development to production to see the patterns in action. Finally, I share other considerations from my experience like deployment, syncing dev environments, AJAX, the REST API and iterating on feedback.

After the presentation, the audience will have a better understanding of WordPress for web app development. They will be ready to build a minimum viable product (MVP) web app on top of WordPress even if they have limited coding experience.

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