Victor M Ramirez: What Does a $100,000 WordPress Website Look Like?

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April 27, 2019

Before joining Dow Jones as a Lead Software Engineer, I built almost a dozen websites valued at over $100,000 each. Many people asked me how I did this and what I included. They’re surprised to learn it wasn’t just code.

I’ll cover case studies as a teaser –,,

From speaking to hundreds of biz owners I have created a blueprint for building sites for small biz that have $100k in value (that they have not even thought of). I will share the blueprint in a non-technical & technical way.

Example: Website support feedback loops. Immediate feedback on support submissions, ticket tracking, CRM integration, & More.

Key Takeaway: How to build & sell websites beyond just a WordPress install and deliver up to $100,000 in value.

This is for people trying to sell these sites or business owners trying to understand what a $100k site looks like.

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