Speakers: Victor Ramirez

  • Victor Ramirez: Gutenberg Beyond the Block

    WPBlockTalk April 2020Speaker: Victor Ramirez

    April 15, 2020 — Victor Ramirez shows us a few of the more intersting possibilities with blocks, both by integrating withe external APIs and by expanding our perspective of a block’s purpose or functionality to include more than content editing within the WordPress admin.

  • Victor Ramirez, Meagan Hanes, Andy McIlwain: Grow Your Meetup!

    WordCamp US 2019Speakers: Victor Ramirez, Meagan Hanes, Andy McIlwain

    February 10, 2020 — GROW YOUR MEETUP!
    This workshop will cover how to grow an established meetup and will cover popular main topics:

    Marketing: Tactics for how to grow your meetup size and how to advertise/attract potential sponsors and other surrounding meetups.

    Formats & Creative Ideas: What formats and ideas have some meetups successfully used to avoid getting themselves into a “rut”?

    WordCamps: How to use meetups to set up those who are interested in volunteering for organizer or speaker roles at the local WordCamp.

    A wide variety of general tips will be shared that will be applicable to all meetup organizers and volunteers – even if you are just beginning to start your first meetup, this workshop will ensure you are starting off on the right foot.

  • Victor Ramirez: What Does a $100,000 WordPress Website Look Like?

    WordCamp Montclair 2019Speaker: Victor Ramirez

    September 19, 2019 — From speaking to hundreds of biz owners I have created a blueprint for building sites for small biz that have $100k in value (that they have not even thought of). I will share the blueprint in a non-technical & technical way. Examples include: Website feedback loops, ticket tracking, advanced CRM integration, API integrations, & More.

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  • Victor Ramirez: Managing 50+ Custom Enterprise Plugins in the Age of Gutenberg

    WordCamp Atlanta 2019Speaker: Victor Ramirez

    July 7, 2019 — I recently joined Dow Jones as a WP developer. I discovered not everyone was a WP developer but PHP or other developers who did some WordPress. I had to figure out how to win adoption of ‘the WordPress way’ across multiple countries, devs, stakeholders, & online publications. We also had to make sure that legacy plugins, tools, etc kept up with the new changes of WordPress 5. I’ll share how I won adoption and coordination by using Git for collaboration, regularly scheduled meetings (without death by meetings), & creating standards. I’ll also give a peek at pitfalls to avoid when trying to work within org that never did remote before & worked with multiple outside agencies.

  • Victor M Ramirez: What Does a $100,000 WordPress Website Look Like?

    WordCamp Madrid 2019Speaker: Victor Ramirez

    April 27, 2019 — Before joining Dow Jones as a Lead Software Engineer, I built almost a dozen websites valued at over $100,000 each. Many people asked me how I did this and what I included. They’re surprised to learn it wasn’t just code.

    I’ll cover case studies as a teaser – MakerBot.com, TodayTix.com, Wibbitz.com.

    From speaking to hundreds of biz owners I have created a blueprint for building sites for small biz that have $100k in value (that they have not even thought of). I will share the blueprint in a non-technical & technical way.

    Example: Website support feedback loops. Immediate feedback on support submissions, ticket tracking, CRM integration, & More.

    Key Takeaway: How to build & sell websites beyond just a WordPress install and deliver up to $100,000 in value.

    This is for people trying to sell these sites or business owners trying to understand what a $100k site looks like.

  • Danny Peavey, Victor Ramirez, Judi Knight and Bret Phillips: Panel Discussion – Pricing your WordPress Projects for Profit

    WordCamp Atlanta 2018Speakers: Danny Peavey, Victor Ramirez, Judi Knight, Bret Phillips

    August 22, 2018 — Hosted by Bret Phillips, this panel will feature three successful business owners that specialize in building WordPress websites for different markets and client sizes.

    The purpose of this panel is to help dissect the process of pricing your work so that you can continue to offer great value to your clients while staying profitable.

    Freelancers will get a better understand of their own value and where to start.

    Agencies and other staffed businesses will understand how to take profit into account when
    pricing larger projects with many ‘unknowns’.

  • Plugin Roundup: Must-have Plugins and Group Favorites

    WordPress Meetup NYCSpeakers: Steve Bruner, Melissa Cahill, Victor Ramirez, Ron Suarez, Margaret Koenen

    March 23, 2015 — Steve Bruner conducts an open discussion of preferred WordPress plugins including:
    (Yoast SEO: Melissa Cahill) (OptimizePress: Victor Ramirez) (JSON Rest API: Dr. Ron Suarez and Margaret Koenen) (WP Helpers: Steve Bruner)