Ben Dunkle: WordPress for Visual Artists

One response on “Ben Dunkle: WordPress for Visual Artists

  1. sander rosenberg

    I found this a very helpful presentation. Ben is obviously very knowledgeable, and I like his style of delivery. His discussion of authenticity is a provocative and interesting, quasi-philosophical one.
    Artists do have unique concerns, and he’s obvious “been there”. I’m about to peruse his example theme which he has generously made available and which implements his ideas and theories.
    Nice, thoughtful overview, thanks!

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May 6, 2019

WordPress is a great place for visual artists to share their work, but getting things set up can be challenging. In this talk, I’ll cover everything from preparing imagery of artwork for the web, useful built-in WordPress functions, recommended plugins, and improving the user’s viewing experience. I will also demonstrate my free WordPress theme, optimized for artists.


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