Manuela van Prooijen: Business survival skills for dumbasses (like me)

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May 9, 2019

We all look at ultimate survival shows from the comforts of our couch. Relieved we sigh that we probably will never be in such life-threatening situations. That’s what I thought… big mistake….. Until a few years ago, when I (the ultimate survival dumbass at that time) had several close encounters with death during an ill-prepared trip to the backcountry of Alaska. After that I decided to never be such dumbass again. So I started acquiring bushcraft/survival skills and a survivalist mindset. Strangely enough, I soon discovered that the skills and mindset I developed could be directly implemented into my business and marketing. In this talk I will share 10 business insights I learned from survival and bushcraft training. Nothing hardcore or very complicated… You will be surprised how easy those tactics are to implement in your daily business routines. Also I will share my biggest dumbass actions (for you the fun part)…. And how I prevent those from happening in the future…. Survival as a business tactic! Join this talk if you want to draw outside the lines in your WordPress business…

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