Steve Schwartz: How An Attacker Sees Your Website – A View Through The Eyes of the Hacker

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May 10, 2019

Why would a hacker hack YOUR website? For fun, for glory? Not anymore! Hacking websites is now a monetized criminal enterprise. They don’t care about your website, they care about your website computing resources. Come see what the hacker actually sees. Witness real accounts of your website password being guessed 1000’s of times per minute. See how that guy across from you at Starbucks is watching your web traffic as it floats through the Wi-Fi. See what happens when one of your employees gets tricked into opening that phishing email.

An understanding of what the bad guys know (and how easy it is for them to operate) will motivate you to take a proactive approach to security prior to a hack – instead of spending tens of thousands to get your data back after the fact. In other words, come get scared straight, you’ll appreciate it later!

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