Brian DeConinck: Introduction to WordPress Privacy

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May 23, 2019

When your website collects personal information, it’s essential that you be a good steward of your users’ data. How you manage that data is under increasing scrutiny. With GDPR in Europe, CCPA in California, and anticipated privacy legislation at the federal level, it’s time to start working on that privacy statement you’ve been putting off.

In this session, we will focus on how to make the plugins you build work with the privacy features added to WordPress core in 2018. Along the way, we will examine key concepts from the “Privacy by Design” framework and discuss easy best practices to keep in mind as you write your code.

The session will have a technical focus rather than a legal focus. It will feature practical examples in which we will build a plugin that supports personal data export and erasure. Code examples will be simple, but will assume some baseline knowledge of PHP.

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