Sarah Semark: Why I’m Building A Robot To Steal My Job

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June 6, 2019

How do you teach a computer to design a website?

You may have heard that robots are coming to steal our jobs. But the end isn’t nigh! I’m here to tell you why that may not be such a bad thing – and share some of my own adventures trying to automate away my own job.

We will investigate how automation isn’t that different from other technological leaps of the past – as well as ways it is vastly different. We will touch on how emerging technologies can be an equaliser and the real world application of machine learning. Along the way, we will talk about ethics, universal basic income, and how soon ‘Judgement Day’ will be upon us.

Finally, we will touch on how Gutenberg opens up new possibilities within the WordPress space, and how to take advantage of those opportunities.

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