Sumner M Davenport : The Ease of Web Accessibility Compliance with WordPress

One response on “Sumner M Davenport : The Ease of Web Accessibility Compliance with WordPress

  1. Suzette Franck

    This is super helpful and thorough, thank you! I am starting our accessibility effort and I am glad I came across this video!


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June 20, 2019

Web Accessibility gives your clients and their clients full and equal enjoyment of their website for gaining information and purchasing products and services.

With the increased media attention on websites that are not compliant with Web Accessibility, and the opportunistic trolls that target small business, it is important for Web designers and developers to understand the WHO should comply, WHAT is and WHY of Web Accessibility, WHEN should you start with Accessibility plus HOW to talk to your clients about Accessibility and the VALUE it adds to your services and reputation.

In this presentation, Sumner M Davenport will cover:

– What difference does it make to be/not be Accessible;
– Recent cases in the news;
– Troll activity against small businesses and how to protect yourself from being a target;
– Ease of adding code, and/or use of Plugins;
– Testing tools; and
– Value added to your Web Design business

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