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  1. John Mc

    What was the reference to Envato in the first question?

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    • Fritz

      The default license on Envato is a Split license. So only legally required parts of those themes are GPLed. It seems to me that you can’t legally resell those themes as a whole or share them with a friend. Redistributing them would require the removal of certain parts e.g. CSS, graphics, javascript etc., which are covered by a separate proprietary license. Removing those parts renders themes blank basically. Themes hosted on have to be 100% GPLed including assets, more than would be legally required for distributing them elsewhere.

      Some people weren’t allowed to speak at or organise Wordcamps who sold their themes under this split-license. See also:

      By now it is possible to sell 100% GPL Themes on Envato.

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July 4, 2019


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