Micah Wood: WordPress Quality Standards

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August 6, 2019

Clients want to work with quality WordPress developers. They want to know that they can get their project done on time, in budget, and that the solution is going to be effective.
Project management aside, writing quality code is the key to delivering on all three of these expectations. If you write poor code, it is going to be harder to read and understand. As a result, it will take longer (and cost the client more money) to add new features. A lack of consistent quality also results in more bugs and a decreased effectiveness of the solution you are creating.
WordPress has a set of coding standards that are designed to provide a consistent level of quality for those who are contributing code to WordPress. However, it just got a lot easier to apply those standards to your own projects. Whether you are creating a theme or writing a plugin, you can leverage an “automated code mentor” to help you provide consistent quality to your clients.
Come learn how you can leverage the WordPress Coding Standards and automation to help you become a quality developer that clients can trust.

What coding standards are
Why you should care
A simple way to get started today

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