Haley Brown: 5 Steps to Avoiding Burnout: Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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August 26, 2019

The freelance work/life balance is a bit challenging to get right. Having the freedom to work at home (or anywhere) is a major perk for freelancers. But because you’re the boss, you’re always driven to check your emails even on weekends or work until late at night to crunch numbers and keep the money rolling in. Work can become an overwhelming presence in your personal life and you suddenly feel like you’re always “working”.

There are strategies you can employ to avoid business burnout and create work/life balance, which includes setting boundaries between work and personal life, creating processes and delegating work.

In this talk, you will learn different ways on how to manage a healthy work/life balance and relieve the stress of self-employment while ensuring a recurring income.

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