Hazrul Azhar Jamari: Comparing WooCommerce SaaS vs Managed Woocommerce Hosting

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August 26, 2019

Hazrul was the creator behind rezkii.com, a defunct woocommerce-as-a-service product. He feels WooCommerce is really painful for regular people to start a store and hosted platforms like Shopify are taking a lot from Woo’s pie. But have the industry caught up?

This presentation is a comparison of Managed WooCommerce Hosting (Pantheon, Nestify) and WooCommerce-as-a-service solutions (Woocart). It describes similarities and differences, and what it means to the non-techies who wish to use WooCommerce as their tech stack for their e-Commerce business.

And he will also make a comparison between Woocart vs Shopify vs Ecwid and discuss the similarities and differences of each platform.

Is Woocart the answer? Will Woocommerce ever go towards Woo-as-a-service? Perhaps there’ll be more questions than answers. Find out in this talk.

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