Felix Arntz: Building an AMP compatible WordPress site

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October 18, 2019

AMP is an open-source web components framework that enables building websites that are compelling, smooth and performant and can be built in an easy and declarative way. With AMP, even highly dynamic and interactive web pages load near instantaneously. The framework furthermore ensures that the high-quality experience achieved after the initial build of a website is maintained over time, by utilizing its powerful validation framework which immediately highlights issues that could potentially hurt user experience.

The core of this workshop is to build a WordPress site that benefits from the power of the AMP framework, taking into consideration all the different pieces a typical site consists of. We will go through the process of creating an AMP compatible theme, and learn what to look out for when selecting or building AMP compatible plugins to enhance the feature set of your site. In preparation for this, a brief introduction will highlight the key principles of AMP, explain why it exists, and showcase some impressive use-cases of the framework.

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