Christina Hills: The Top 10 Plugins Every Website Needs and Why

One response on “Christina Hills: The Top 10 Plugins Every Website Needs and Why

  1. christinahills

    Just a follow up from my talk…

    Yes, you need search exclude plugin if you want to exclude a page
    because the Yoast SEO plugin will just exclude a page from the search engines
    but it will not exclude it from the on site page search


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November 13, 2019

One of the most confusing (and exciting) features of using WordPress is plugins! And if you are not a developer or coder, how do you know for sure which ones you need and why?

In this session, Christina Hills walks you though, step-by-step with lots of visuals, the Top 10 plugins you need and how to properly evaluate them. You’ll also learn the exact steps to take when a plugin goes “bad” so your website is up and running in no time. Watch this non-techie session and you’ll walk away understanding the Wonderful World of WordPress Plugins!

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