Evan Volgas: What Everyone Needs to Know about Data, Physics, Memory, and Information

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November 13, 2019

Everywhere you go, you hear about it: data is everywhere. Data about us, our tastes, our health, our friends and relationships. The implications to privacy and security are obvious, but we also need to talk about attention (our ability to process data has not grown nearly as fast as data have multiplied), memory (should databases ever forget?), comprehension (how do you keep up?), and truth (critical reasoning matters).

The first half of this presentation is dedicated to data literacy – what everyone (especially tech professionals) should know about data. The second half of the session reviews tools you can use to manage your attention and decision-making in light of all this data flying around everywhere. Then, speaker Evan Volgas brings it all back to a WordPress neighborhood near you and go over five things you could immediately start doing to work smarter with data and WordPress.

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