WordPress Necromancy: The Art (and Science) of Bringing a Site Back from the Dead

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November 13, 2019

It’s a site owner’s worst nightmare: a site stops working completely and someone is panicking. Often, a configuration change or backup restore fixes things quickly. But what happens if a quick fix doesn’t work? What do you do when the site is absolutely wrecked? Recent backups are corrupt, data is overwritten or lost, and the quick fix isn’t an option. Often, a closer look may show the site being compromised in some way, and standard methods of recovery aren’t working.

In this session, Ramuel Gall looka at methods and techniques for finding what went wrong and how to fix it, from the most basic (such as replacing core WordPress files and using the Wayback Machine to get a better idea of the site’s prior state or recover assets), to intermediate (analyzing debug logs, determining which plugins and themes were in use so you can replace them), to moderately advanced (repairing damaged databases and Premium plugins and themes).

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