Remkus de Vries, Ptah Dunbar, Milana Cap, Cal Evans: Running a Successful Contributor Day

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November 14, 2019

Many WordCamps do not have contributor days or hackathons… many organizers hold back thinking they can’t provide a “good enough” experience or maybe their local community isn’t “developer focused.” There are also camps that have done these in the past and want to learn more ways to improve the experience for future events.

There are also contributor day / hackathons that don’t involve WordCamps (language transition day, captioning, etc.). Explore the potential for local or online single-day events that cover the space between a regular meetup and an annual WordCamp.

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WordCamp US 2019 78


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Ptah Dunbar 5
Milana Cap 10
Cal Evans 6


Contributor Day 7


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