Brian Thompson: From Developer to Manager — How to Survive

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November 19, 2019

For many developers, being promoted into a managerial role requires a drastic shift in mindset. While many programming paradigms do carry over to being a manager, there are plenty of other skills that most developers just need to “figure out.” During this session, we’ll discuss the most valuable tips and tools for someone new to management, including:

– Your responsibilities as a manager when it comes to both good and bad times
– Your relationship with your team and soliciting good feedback from them
– Balancing technical development with team collaboration
– Delivering constructive feedback
– Saying “no”

Whether you’re a new manager, someone who wants to get into management, or a veteran manager who wants to improve your team’s performance, you’ll leave this session feeling energized and empowered to be the leader your team needs and deserves. So what are you waiting for? Your team is counting on you!

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