Liz Coursen: Write Right, Right NOW! The Ultimate Writing Boot Camp for Content Writers

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December 19, 2019

Psst! Hey, buddy, do you have questions about quotation marks? Issues about italics? Concerns about commas?

If so, join award-winning Sarasota, Florida, author and editor Liz Coursen for this fun, fast-paced workshop that will have you writing like an Einstein in no time flat!

If you were playing hooky the day your high school English class reviewed punctuation and grammar, I will teach you most of what you need to know about modern editing if—IF—you come in with one thing: the belief that you can learn the fundamental rules. Come in with an open mind and leave a better writer than 90% of the population! Come in with an open mind and leave a better, more confident writer! Come in with an open mind and leave with portable, permanent skills, actionable skills that you will implement immediately upon leaving the room!

Your good writing will give you—and your clients—a compelling competitive advantage in today’s crowded, noise-filled marketplace.

WordCamp is the place! This is the session!

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