Rachel Cherry: In praise of the side project: How to learn new skills, make money, and have a little fun

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January 14, 2020

Many great projects, products, and companies have grown out of side projects or hobbies. Apple, Twitter, and even Gmail exist because someone dedicated their spare time to testing the waters. Most of your favorite WordPress themes, plugins, and websites were probably brought to life during someone’s day off.

But not all side projects need to be huge, life-altering excursions. Whether it’s building a WordPress plugin, learning a new software package, or building an entire website, they can be whatever you need them to be; from developing a new skill to bringing in extra income to simply having a little fun. Side projects can also be a great way to learn what you’re made of, try new avenues, and build relationships with other web professionals.

Join Rachel to discuss the pros (and cons) of side projects, learn about a few projects that turned into so much more, and hopefully leave with a few ideas of your own.

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