Kathy Zant: The Hacking Mindset: How Beating WordPress Hackers Taught Me to Overcome Obstacles & Innovate

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April 2, 2020

You wouldn’t believe how far malicious actors will go to take over websites for profit. Kathy believes it; she’s seen it all as she’s helped hundreds of WordPress site owners recover after getting hacked. As WordPress now powers more than one-­third of the web, it’s a big target and attracting the attention of more hackers. Learning to think like a hacker in the security realm is a big part of keeping your assets safe, plus there are additional benefits. In this session, we will hear stories of how defeating hackers can help you make better security decisions. The hacker mindset is much more than protecting your site and information; thinking like a hacker can also help you break through perceived limitations, overcome obstacles, and capitalize on opportunities to innovate.

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