Kyle Maurer: All my favorite WordPress Life Hacks

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June 17, 2020

Kyle Maurer talks about his favorite tools for WordPress like Diff Checker, PHP Storm, Knock to Unlock, Chrome Dev Tools. Sit and stand desk, Keyboard shortcuts, filtering your inbox, Turn off notifications, Remove social media apps. Local development (i.e. Desktop server), Git documentation, code peer review, WP Cli, Foundation (CSS framework). Stop using sliders in your UI, use more text emails, Wordcrash to travel, let unused domains to expire, leave positive comments, Plugins: User Switching, Query Monitor, Debug bar & console, Jilt Dashboard, Holler Box, GitHub Updater. Career: Invest in reputation, Volunteer & speak at WordCamps, Sit with strangers, Join a Toastmasters club, Interview peers, Real Life: Remember names and faces, get out more from home, listen to podcasts, give more shoutouts, ping people more just to say hi

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