David Marshall: Building a WordPress Tagging Platform at the Network Level

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October 21, 2020

Anyone who has experience with WordPress Multisite knows how it works: Each site exists as a separate silo, and all content and tags stay within each particular site. But what if this compartmentalization didn’t have to be the case? What if the WordPress Taxonomy system could be used to create categories and tags that span across many sites? And what if related content from other sites in the network could surface no matter where in the network you happen to currently be? This talk will look at a plugin, developed at the Harvard School of Public Health, that does just this. It will discuss how this plugin allows many thousands of articles across the school’s some 2,000 websites to be tagged according to subject, indexed, and made easily available to users looking for further reading on any given topic. This system has wide, potential application for other settings in which WordPress Multisite is used.

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