Andy Sitt: Making State Government Accessible and Responding to COVID-19

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November 17, 2020

Within the Delaware Department of State, the Government Information Center builds and maintains WordPress websites for state agencies and municipalities. WordPress as a CMS makes it easier for non-technical employees to add and edit content, and Delaware citizens benefit by having access to information that impacts their lives. When the pandemic hit, the Government Information Center built a WordPress website for COVID-19 information that the public could use to find the latest data, testing locations, child care, reopening guidelines, and other important information. Everything was built with non-technical users from the health and emergency management departments in mind, as they would be in charge of maintaining content that was constantly changing in an ever-evolving public health crisis. This talk is about how the team of designers and developers came together to quickly build a website that contributes to public health, reaches under-served communities, and helps keep Delawareans safe.

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