Renjini Narendranath: WordPress For Women Empowerment How WordPress Helped Me As A Content Writer

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  1. Renjini Narendranath

    Wow thank you for posting my talk which I did in 2018. Feeling so proud to be a part of wordpress community.


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November 24, 2020

WordPress gives tremendous power for women entrepreneurs who want
to start a business online. Selling through social media was the trend among
women for a while now. That trend is shifting rapidly to a website centric
approach with e-commerce platforms. More and more women are aware of today that building a website and updating content is easier than ever with WordPress.
The user can update the content themselves and do not have to call in the web developer – this is an attractive option for every business owner who at the core is a DIY-person. Women are natural storytellers. And we know that stories make great brands. Logically coherent, intensive, and innovative stories can be written by women who are the owners of the business. These stories can then be utilized as blogs for SEO and social media sharing. WordPress can be used as an excellent platform for rigorous and iterative content creation and revision until the satisfied result is achieved.

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