Imran Sayed: Fastest way of Creating Gutenberg block with minimal Javascript knowledge

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November 26, 2020

Adapting to Gutenberg could be challenging for PHP developers who have minimal knowledge of JavaScript and React. It’s a paradigm shift and to re-learn how to do what we did with PHP in JavaScript can be overwhelming . In this talk I will discuss how a php developer, with minimal js knowledge can build blocks quickly.

How can the php developers survive the amount of technologies to be learnt for Gutenberg? Can creating a custom block be as easy as running a couple of simple commands?

Sharing my story, research and methods (How would we solve the problem?)

You will know about my personal experiences that helped me build blocks quickly and allowed my clients to migrate to WordPress site, with the power of Gutenberg. ServerSideRender component can simplify creating the editor representation for dynamic blocks. My talk will show how the some build tools like @wordpress/create-block, wp-cli and dynamic blocks can help anyone who wants to create reusable blocks quickly with minimal JavaScript.

Conclusion (Leave the audience smarter)

My talk will leave you with a clear understanding of how you can dive into block development quickly without knowing much JS, then expand your knowledge further into the areas of our need.

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