Topher DeRosia: Introduction to Big Commerce for WordPress

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  1. philipgebhardt

    Thanks very much for the talk about BigCommerce. I have a question regarding syncing the online store with EPOS. I have experienced problems syncing WooCommerce online store with EPOS and was wondeing if and how BigCommerce was able to handle this?


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December 29, 2020

BigCommerce for WordPress is a brand new way to do ecommerce in WordPress. With a hybrid of local content and processes running over API the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin can help your store operate at micro-scale, enterprise scale, and everything in between.

This talk is a review of features and capabilities.

Correction: During the presentation, it was stated the BC Agency Partners get 30% of the monthly merchant fee. The correct number is 20%. Our presenter apologizes for the error.

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