Taylor Arndt: The Importance of WordPress Backend Accessibility

One response on “Taylor Arndt: The Importance of WordPress Backend Accessibility

  1. Ernie Sazo

    Wow! Hi Taylor My name is Ernie Sazo, I’m new still a very green beginner. Compared to you at least.

    But, I’m trying and working on it. I’d be happy to reach and perhaps learn to your level (lol) of knowledge and understanding. But by then, you will probably have gained so much more knowledge and abilities to make me look like a first-grader. lol

    Hey, Thanks Taylor for making me feel like a dummy lol No just kidding. Just want to compliment you on your amazing knowledge and abilities. If I can start getting it right and make a little to hire your company. I’ll be looking for you OK. God Bless you, have a beautiful day young lady. To your success at anything you do.

    Ernie S.


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August 26, 2021

This talk suggests some best practices for ensuring WordPress backend accessibility.

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