Creating a Magazine Layout with the Block Editor

One response on “Creating a Magazine Layout with the Block Editor

  1. Ben Peters

    Thanks for the tutorial. Pretty intuitive and straightforward.

    In the future, I would be interested to see another video on editing the mobile/tablet view for the blog page(s). Definitely would want to remove the extra space, make featured images small thumbnails, move title to the right of images, instead of below, etc. Desktop view squished into mobile/tablet tends to monopolize the page and look pretty old-fashioned, even with responsive element. With it being responsive, would probably just need to make a few tweaks and it would look good.

    I also liked best the first “inspiration” that you posted of the garden site. The blocks/groups with the text overlay, for example, were pretty modern-looking. In the future, would also be nice to see some more advanced styling options in the editor for magazine sites (assuming they already exist).

    Keep up the good work!

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April 19, 2022

This Social Learning Space will take a closer look at creating a magazine layout with the block editor.

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