Nick Diego: Curating the Editor Experience

3 responses on “Nick Diego: Curating the Editor Experience

  1. franzaurus

    Hi, thank you for this valuable tutorial. But would you mind re-uploading the med & high version of the mp4 file? I found them to have no sound, although the low and the online version works fine. Thanks so much!


  2. Peter Ingersoll

    To clarify, are page creation patterns only available in block themes?
    Also, if it has not already happened, when do you think page creation patterns will include CPTs in core?

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  3. philevans62

    Hi all. If we’re using WP 6.1.1 and 2023 theme, do we still need to install the Gutenberg plugin too?


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July 22, 2022

In this workshop, we will walk through the Block Editor Handbook article Curating the Editor Experience in a live environment. Using real-world examples, you will learn how to tailor the Editor to suit your needs and/or those of your clients. From block locking and advanced theme.json configurations to page creation patterns, there are countless ways to curate the editing experience in WordPress.

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